About Us

We are a veteran-owned small business, based in Southern California specializing in custom artwork engraved on just about anything. Give us a shout and let us know what you have in mind and we will work hard to get it done for you.

Target Indicators began with the hopes of creating art and designs for Veterans of the Armed Forces. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and seeing the enormous pride that service members have in their units, we decided that we would turn one of our hobbies into a full-time job. We decided that we would create hand-crafted memorabilia made in America for Americans.

What is a Target Indicator? A Target Indicator is a term taken from sniping. It is anything that the Sniper does to reveal his presence, position or passage to the enemy. In recent years, guys from the Marine Sniper and Reconnaissance Community have used it to joke with each other for having things on their vehicles  or person that reveal who they are.